• ​​Business Insider: We were featured in an article about "The Best Cosplay from New York Comic Con 2015"
  • Mashable: Our Cyberman (version 2) was featured in their "14 Comic Con cosplayers who would even impress The Doctor" article!
  • Gizmodo: Infinite Doom was featured in their "The Most Incredible Cosplay of New York Comic-Con, Day Two​" article
  • SYFY Wire: Syfy themselves had us in their "The Cosplay of New York Comic Con 2016, Day 2" article!
  • Metro: We were featured in their "These amazing costumes at NYC Comic Con are all you need to see today" article...
  • Bleeding Cool: Tom as "Infinite Doom" and Deedee as "Sailor Eclipse" were a part of their "Get Your Peepers Around These 64 Stupefying Cosplay Pictures From New York Comic Con Day 2" photo feature!
  • Poughkeepsie Journal: Our cyberman was featured in the newspaper for our appearance at a Make A Wish for Colin at the Pandorica Restaurant in Beacon NY!
  • The Highlands Current: Another write-up of our appearance in Beacon NY...
  • Cosplayzine: Our Cyberman made it into this illustrious publication's July 2016 Edition!
  • Staten Island Advance/SILive: We were interviewed & featured in the news while on our way to NYCC 2015! We turned a few heads while on the Staten Island Ferry!


Here is the place to see all the links to articles and news releases that featured NerdHawg Cosplay ​- from magazines and websites to newspapers! We hope you enjoy checking them out as much as we loved being featured in them!​



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